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Mickey Mouse Ears & Scrunchies

The Bearded Man

An armature made from 3mm aluminium twisted wire, polystyrene, and an MDF base. Sculpted with Firm Grey SuperSculpey, and finished with matte black and copper spray paint.

'Up' House

Collated research, moodboards, sketches, and scaled together replicating the house from Pixar's 'Up'. Started with an MDF base layer, then added only lollipop sticks and matchsticks with hot glue.

'Stranger Things' Eleven

For a merchandise brief I decided to create a figurine with packaging. I was inspired by 'Funko Pop! Vinyl' but didn't want to replicate. I chose to base it around the Netflix TV show 'Stranger Things', specifically the character Eleven. I sculpted her out of a basic wire and polystyrene armature, with Firm Grey SuperSculpey on top. I decided to make the distinct feature on the figurine the eyes by sculpting her favourite food in the TV show that the target audience would know (eggos). I soldered my own lighting together for the inside of the box out of white LED's. I then poked them into holes in the wood and added twisted wire to give the effect of string fairy lights that are in the TV show. The wooden box is the packaging and is completely laser cut, including the lettering. The red lighting is LED strips in a panel I created behind the wall, so that it shines through the lettering. I hand painted the wallpaper, entire box (including the outside text), and the figurine.

Rory Romantic

Created with a basic hard hat and gloves, that were firstly sprayed with a base of matte black and then loosely sprayed with copper on top.
I glued and threaded found materials (pipes, circuit boards, screws, bolts, knots, wire etc), and finalised with LED blue wire.

Elephant Sanctuary

I created an archway to be a part of a Stop Motion Animation set. I designed the archway from scratch through drawings and positioned it ready for the laser cutter on Adobe Illustrator. I then laser cut each section on MDF wood.


A maquette of the character Kevin from Pixar's film 'Up'. Created with a wooden block base, and a twisted aluminium wire and polystyrene armature. Layered with Firm Grey SuperSculpey.


A quick sculpt to practice painting (acrylic) techniques: dry brushing, diluted colours, fake blood, layering tones, creating an old "dead" look.

Elf Girl

Created a puppet entirely out of balsa wood. I used a hacksaw and file to create each individual body part. I hot glued these onto a twisted aluminium wire and left spaces for the joints to bend and create poses. I then felted hair and sewn clothes for the puppet.

Major Project

My idea was to create shops based on fairytales with a twist. I took classic fairytales and put an adult/dark twist on them. For example, 'The Little Mermaid' is based off a mermaid (half human half fish), so this is a Butchers & Fishmongers. Others I created were 'Humps' which was Humpty Dumpty's brothel, and 'Jack's Coffee' which is based off an Amsterdam Coffee Shop (drug store).

The Little Mermaid - the shop was laser cut entirely. The scales and front were hand drawn, manipulated in Photoshop, and transferred to Illustrator to get ready to be engraved and cut. The roof of the shop is made from MDF wood and was laser cut in a specific pattern to make the wood be able to bend. This created the mermaid tail effect that I wanted.

Humps - focuses on the shop exterior as it's the outline of an egg in shorts and stockings (windows). I threaded my own lighting on the front and soldered the internal lights. The shop itself was laser cut individually. The stain glass windows were created from laser cut perspex that slotted into each other (due to altering the sizing), and coloured with Sharpie pens.

Jack's Coffee Shop - I focused on the exterior creating vines from twizzled painted latex, and sculpted miniature pills which would represent recreational drugs (jacks beans). I also created my own LED lighting for the inside of the shop.

Vicar of Dibley

A brief to combine a popular animation style with an existing live action tv show/film. I chose to combine the company Aardman with comedy TV show 'The Vicar of Dibley'. I was only able to recreate one character so I chose actress Dawn French's vicar character Geraldine Granger. I studied the scene of her living room desk, her costumes of her vicar robes, and Aardman's distinctive character features to come up with the images below.
Miniature props made from Beige SuperSculpey, set created from MDF and balsa wood, maquette made from Firm Grey SuperSculpey, and the props and wallpaper hand-painted to replicate.

Volkswagon Campervan

A cardboard and greaseproof paper mock up of a Volkswagon campervan. I then sculpted each part individually with Beige SuperSculpey, baked, hand-painted, and then glued into place.


Here is a combination of miniature sculpts made from Beige SuperSculpey and then handpainted, and quick maquettes made from Beige SuperSculpey. Miniature travel posters were hand drawn with coloured pencils.