It's My Shout, BBC Wales

Throughout July and August 2017, I worked on two live action short films with It's My Shout Productions. These were broadcast on BBC2 in September 2017.


Credited: Art Director
Nominated for the award of 'Best Art Department Trainee'
I took a leader role with my Art team in this film, and was responsible for dressing and resetting the last scene without my team or mentor which was rewarding. I demonstrate skills in this film such as continuity in resets with drinks and objects, and dressing technology such as computers with CCTV footage playing.

Rory Romantic

Credited: Art Director
Winner of 'Best Sci-Fi Short Film' at New York City International Film Festival
Below are stills from the film. In this film I was responsible for making the main prop for the main character. This was a flashing blue headset with gloves and goggles (more images can be found below). These props were meant to look man-made and have a futuristic feel to them. We ended up finding a combination between sci-fi and steampunk. I communicated with the director, my mentor, and my team, and put together mood boards based off the directors vision. I was also responsible for some of the Prop Buying based on my script breakdown. As well as these roles I was also on set for continuity, resets, action props, and set dressing.