Dr Who

In May 2018 I was offered a two week placement in the Art Department on 'Dr Who' (BBC) series 11. I was lucky enough to work on two episodes in the series that were both very different.

Series 11, Episode 6: Demons of the Punjab

In this episode I mainly worked in the Prop Department, whilst helping with some minor set dressing. I helped organise deliveries, load/unload the van, and to use reference images to find props in the warehouse that were previously used for a specific set (aiming to match a previous set from a different episode). The set is Yaz's flat which you can see pictured in the birthday scene below. It was just myself and another person who found all of the props for the entire set in the warehouse.

Series 11, Episode 7: Kerblam!

On this episode I worked with the team to dress the set from scratch (the Kerblam! warehouse), helped make some props for the sets, load/unload the van, and was on action/standby props and art department continuity during a scene.